Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Congratulations Giveaway Winners!

The Giveaway on moderncat.net was a great success! Over 700 people entered to win an Eco Leaf Organic catnip toy for their kitty friends! Thank you everyone for participating!

Here are the winners!

  1. Sherrykay (comment #33)
  2. Justine (comment #144)
  3. Chari (comment #227)
  4. Jess (comment #417)
  5. Jacki (comment #442)
  6. Laura (comment #457)
  7. Heather (comment #545)
  8. Sally (comment #576)
  9. Nicole (comment #615)
  10. Maja (comment #683)

Congratulations! Enjoy your cat toys!


  1. You make such lovefurly toys that we think we need to get mom offur here to do some kittie shopping!!! And, ConCats to all the winners for the contest! We wish we knew about it...oh well...next time!