Monday, May 30, 2011

Looking for Oh Boy Cat Toy?

Our weird cool CAT TOYS have moved
from Etsy to our own website!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Toy Designs!

Hey Kitty Lovers!

Over here at the Oh Boy factory we have a couple of new designs we thought we should let you know about!

Fries with mayonnaise, a delicious treat to bring back the memories of kitty's European vacation.

This adorable AK-47 is mandatory for your kitties arsenal of toys! Around 17 inches long and freakishly real detail.

Fries and a AK-47 are two things that look hilarious in kitty's paw! Check the video below to see a couple of kitties relaxing with there AK!

The Kitties of Oh Boy Cat Toy Video!

Hey gang!

We are still receiving tons of hilarious pictures, and we are starting to compile quite a collection.

We have created our first in our series of slide shows to share some of the super funny pics! Thanks so much to all the kitties who sent in the pics! Nothing makes us happier than seeing all the kitties enjoying themselves so keep sending them! Thanks Again.


Oh Boy Cat Toy,

I love you so,

I think you're the cutest cat toys I know!

I love your cat toys,

I really do,

'cause I'm in heaven,

when I'm playing with you!

Oh Boy Cat Toys,

are really fine,

they are the only kind I'll make mine!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Customer Appreciation: Kitties On the Moon

Hey Gang!

We can hardly keep up with all the pics we are receiving. We must thank all of you great people out there for sending them. Nothing makes us happier then seeing those little o' kitties on the moon! So thanks a million!





The rest (below) are not before and after shots but they are still quite hilarious!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kitties On The Moon!

Hey gang it seems that Oh Boy Cat Toy's customers has the cutest cats in the world!

We have received so many funny photo's of little kitties enjoying their toys that we thought it would be fun to share them! Check Em' Out!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vagina Cat Toy at Regretsy Auction!

It's been kinda hectic over here lately at the Oh Boy Cat Toy Labs!

Our dear friend over at Regretsy had a charity auction for a very fine charity, Housing Works. This fine gentleman, above, was the winner of our vagina cat toy that we so happily donated.

"..... Can you imagine a better conversation piece than a soft, plush vagina—with eyes? No,you cannot."
~Time Out New York Magazine.

Click here to read the whole article about the
Regretsy auction, and our vagina cat toy. They also have a really cool slide show of pics!

Also if anyone knows who this bad ass pimp of a man is, please let us know!

Check back in a bit, we plan on adding a series of "satisfied customer pics" or "kitties on the moon pics" from the "factory" archive. Thanks to all the customers who have been sending us pics of there little kitties playing with their toys!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Regretsy Book In the New Yorker! We're Featured!

Hey~check out this great article in the New Yorker, it gives a great little summary of the Regretsy book. There are some great quotes from the talented April Winchell, revealing more of what the book is truly about! I suggest you read the comments posted there as well, some great reviews from people who have read the book already! Also as a little bonus for us, WE ARE FEATURED! Click the link and scroll through the photos and you will see a POOPY DIAPER made by who else, but Oh Boy Cat Toy! HA HA!